This is wonderful, don’t you agree? It’s just like a good detective movie.

With all the latest mergers, acquisitions and cloud providers coming out of the woodwork, there has been lots of marketing fluff (as a marketer, I can say this) around the benefits and differences between Reference Architecture and Converged Infrastructure. When I first started looking into these, I admit it included a lot of raised eyebrows and general pondering about whether any of this mattered to end users, or if it made a difference in anything cloud. The truth is, I am still not sure. Here’s why. Continue reading

Your old man’s about to knock on the sky and listen to the sound.

This week, in keeping with the theme of Valentine’s Day, I decided to dedicate the entire 5 days to promoting Vendor Love. This means that I will showcase 5 companies that I think have some really great solutions for Cloud, Virtualization and Security. Today I want to talk about Cisco and their addition to the cloud platform, CloudVerse. If you aren’t aware, Cisco has tried to stay vendor neutral when it comes to cloud platforms, with the exception of their participation in VCE, the Virtual Computing Environment Company which was formed by EMC and Cisco with backing from Vmware and Intel. Their key product is the Vblock platform which allows customers to build cloud infrastructures with reduced IT complexity. Continue reading