If you had paid attention to me in school, you’d understand it’s not all about car chases and excitement.

SonicWALL is a company that really has a sweet spot for addressing mid-market organizations (especially in Canada where mid-market tends to fall to the smaller end of the employee spectrum), but also doesn’t compromise in quality. In fact, their smallest appliances contain the same functionality and management capabilities as their largest, (and well named) SuperMassive devices. But a lot of enterprises simply write-off SonicWALL because they’ve done a good job at playing in the mid-market and so there is a natural bias to think that they don’t have enterprise-worthy security solutions. The problem is, SonicWALL doesn’t just HAVE enterprise-class security solutions, but they’re built into every single box they sell, from the smallest to the largest. Oh, and they also have some pretty sweet virtualized appliances. Continue reading

The Rogue Hotspot You Are Trying To Reach Is Currently Unavailable…

It’s almost impossible to avoid the conversation of whether corporations should allow tablets and other mobile devices on the corporate network.  Managers tout the benefits of a mobile workforce and the flexibility of connecting to resources from anywhere.  Security engineers are worried about the security risks and increased number of unsecured hot spots generated by mobile devices.  Not to mention the HR implications of bypassing acceptable-use policies that traditional network restrictions put in place.

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