Ah! Curse Your Sudden But Inevitable Betrayal!

The discussion around cloud adoption is a unique one depending on which audience you are addressing.  From a high-level, C-level executives are excited about the business transformation possibilities, but as you go further and further down the organization, especially into the IT departments, there is a different type of attitude.  Many IT professionals (both infrastructure and security) view cloud as hype that is designed to either make their lives more difficult or will render them obsolete.  This isn’t the first time we saw significant change.  Remember the mainframe transition?  But the great thing about cloud is that it’s not designed to streamline IT inefficiencies from a role perspective, it’s meant to do more with less.  IT professionals need to see that cloud gives them the chance to learn new technologies and become experts in a fast-moving market that will rely heavily on those who can adopt these new skills the quickest. Continue reading