Deconstructing Cloud

Eliminating the learning curve for cloud, one topic at a time.


Latest News!  Deconstructing Cloud is now available for free in select online bookstores!


Cloud isn’t simply a marketing term.  It’s not technology or hype either.  Cloud is a new way to look at how organizations operate.  From finance to marketing, from operations to IT, using cloud methodology can help make your organization more nimble, streamlined, innovative and more profitable while better enabling your employees to work more effectively and less restrained by your current IT systems.

Unfortunately such a great leap in innovation comes with a steep learning curve. So instead of putting off cloud projects which can help usher in a new culture of innovation, it’s time to get the information out in the most effective way possible.

Deconstructing cloud is the first step towards cloud adoption without the technical masters degree requirement.  From the evolution of servers and data centres to virtulized environments, what to look for in services and types of offerings, a thorough crash course in security and compliance, and some insight into where to start implementing cloud technologies and how to get the right resources to make it happen, Deconstructing Cloud is a single point of education on cloud.

Here’s what people are saying:

“Andrea’s new book, “Deconstructing Cloud”, describes the different facets of cloud computing in layman’s terms.  By defining cloud as a movement, instead of a technology or a trend, this book places each cloud concept in its appropriate place in the overall lifecycle.  As a result, the reader gets the right context to make a sound decision.

 Apart from being an easy read, this book provides valuable insight into hot topics such as cloud security and reliability in a bias-free manner.  In my opinion, this is what sets “Deconstructing Cloud” apart from all the other cloud computing books out there. 

 The timeliness of this book couldn’t be better.  Now, managers and executives have a single-comprehensive (and did I mention, easy to read) book that can quickly bring them up to speed on the cloud.  I would also recommend all academics in the cloud space to round up their cloud knowledge by reading this book.”

Ilyas Iyoob, PhD, 

Director, Advanced Analytics, Sr. Research Scientist, Gravitant, Inc.

“Andrea was one of the first co-authors to the blogs we started up for the Cloud Best Practices Network, so it’s no surprise she is also one of the first to bring an eBook to market too.

Since being one of first to promote the concept of Cloud Service Brokerage and its potential value for the Canadian industry, Andrea has always been ahead of the curve and has written this up into great articles that have been very popular with our audience. Therefore having all of her industry experiences packaged into this one book makes it a dynamite educational piece.
‘Deconstructing Cloud’ is written for non-technical business executives as well as the Cloud engineering community, with a view to providing a comprehensive overview of the industry as well as a solid explanation for how to plan the business benefits of migration.

This is a highly recommended read for any organizational leaders reaching the conclusion point that Cloud is so important and inevitable for them that it is only a matter of when and how, not if. However this presents a significant challenge even in first understanding what the options are, and so Deconstructing Cloud is a very welcome resource to fill this gap.”

Neil McEvoy
Founder and CEO,

On an almost daily basis, I’m approached for my views on “cloud computing technology”. Although typically innocent in nature, I always cringe at the thought of enduring yet another hours long discussion over the existence of a “cloud computing business model”. With this in mind, you can understand the joy I experienced when I read an advance copy of “Deconstructing Cloud”. This soon to be released work artfully balances both the technical and business aspects of cloud computing in an easy to read tutorial.

Writing from a knowledgeable viewpoint as a blogger at, Andrea minimizes the normally steep learning curve of applying this new approach for provisioning and consuming information technology. She skillfully uses humor and easily understood anecdotes to illustrate how businesses can really gain true value.”

Kevin L. Jackson, Vice President & General Manager, NJVC Cloud Services

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