Please, Captain, not in front of the Klingons.

Technology Tuesday is upon us once again, and while I was hoping to use it to get the word out about a bunch of other cool stuff that is going on to contribute to the Cloud-scape, especially in Security, I decided with the Olympics underway, it was a good time to shine the light on what Canada is up to.

As some of you know, I do a lot of work with startups within the Cloud space. One of the startups I had the pleasure of meeting with last week was a Canadian venture called Veristack. While I am (unashamingly) a fan of virtualization platforms including VMware, there is a definite need for open-source solutions for the tinkerers. Veristack aims to meet those needs through offering a Mid-tier cloud business solution that uses OpenStack, to help reduce costs, increase flexibility and that offers flexibility to be fully outsourced with support through their partnership with StackOps.

So why would Opensource cloud such as OpenStack be a good idea, especially in the Canadian market? OpenStack has a few unique advantages that would appeal to organizations who are looking for another option for cloud that gives them the flexibility to tinker without the licensing costs that some other models require. Think of it as the Linux of cloud. There are some great advantages, NASA is a great example of how this platform can be used to create unique functionality, but the drawback is that you need to have the right people in place to work with the platform. That is unless you have a good support model in place, such as through Veristack and their back-end support partnership with StackOps.

While startups like Veristack are still in the early stages of business, there is a great source of innovation in Canada, and as organizations look to start adopting new services to build their next-generation offerings, looking at Canadian service providers and startups is a great way to support the digital economy in Canada.

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