Let me explain something to you, Walsh. This business requires a certain amount of finesse.

It’s rare that I get excited about solutions. Yeah, we can say it’s the geeky side of me that can appreciate how good technology operates, but there are very few things that I come across that I think have a huge potential to change (read: simplify) next generation network visibility. Meet Centerity Monitor, a next generation tool to give you visibility into all types of environments.

I’ll let the marketing folks at Centerity explain Centerity Monitor in their own words:

“Centerity Monitor is a unique all-in-one performance and availability monitoring solution for your entire IT and network infrastructure. Centerity Monitor will track, detect and monitor your physical and virtual servers, standard and proprietary applications, networks, storage, databases and passive equipment. Centerity’s advanced features provide accurate measurement of performance and availability as well as User-Experience Monitoring, Business Service Management (BSM), Inventory Management and dynamic threshold management.”

Basically it gives you the visibility of a solution like Tivoli Endpoint Manager, but as a full monitoring solution with other management tools built in. You’re essentially tapping the network and keeping an eye on things.

But why should you care? Well, if you are thinking about leveraging third party cloud services, a provider with this type of solution will be able to track and monitor all the resources, regardless if they are virtual or not. This means that any service-affecting issues (read: potential downtimes) can be better prevented through early detection.

On top of these analytics, you get the full network mapping functionality to better understand how your resources interact. It’s a lot easier way to manage your resources if you can visually see them.

For more information on Centerity Monitor, check out www.centerity.com

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