Huh. Light reading. Tolstoy, Dovstoyevsky, I-Ching. “Journey Without a Goal.” Must have a killer ending.

When I started this blog back in January I honestly didn’t imagine I would get this far, yet here we are at my 100th post.  Considering it’s a daily blog, that’s a lot of writing.  So before I take a well deserved (in my opinion) 2 week break to let all of you catch up on your reading backlog, I decided to take this post to reflect on some of the coolest things that I’ve learned through the last 100 posts.

The biggest thing I’ve learned is that cloud is such a game changer for the entire IT, service provider, business customer and solution vendor market.  In fact, I recently submitted a great topic for VMWorld that identifies just how everyone fits I to the new cloud economy. There is a huge opportunity for organizations like Telcos and consulting firms to create new services to bring large revenue streams through cloud services, as well as auxiliary consulting services. 

The other big thing that I’ve learned is that as marketers (myself included) need to do a better job at educating the market on what cloud really is, how it works, risks and reward and even help them create achievable road maps. We’ve been too focused on pushing products and services and touting the cost savings without helping organizations properly understand why they need them in the first place.  Customers will reward those service providers who help them understand and solve their business requirements.

But most importantly, cloud and virtualization requires baby steps to ensure the right policies and security controls are in place to reduce future risks.

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