Your soul-suckin’ days are over, amigo!

At this year’s RSA conference, Trend Micro announced their new Deep Security 8 antivirus solution. What is revolutionary with this product is that it is the first agentless solution, and designed with virtual environments in mind. So why is this such exciting news for the cloud & virtualization world?

Trend Micro and VMware are long-time collaborators in the virtualization and security space. The latest collaboration resulting in Deep Security 8 which gives several benefits to the current Trend Micro solution. Firstly, thanks to the integration with Vmware, Deep Security 8 integrates with the vShield Endpoint APIs. This means that it doesn’t require an agent sitting in the VM to perform security tasks such as scanning and File Integrity Monitoring. This ability to provide agentless integrity monitoring means that it can assist in combating targeted attacks (advanced persistent threats) without causing heavy performance issues.

There is a lot of benefit that comes with developing security with the platform in mind. The key benefit is that by integrating with APIs, security tools can gather more detailed information about the environment. This can help organizations to see faster ROI for cloud and virtualization projects with a reduced risk of security vulnerabilities.

For more information on VMware and Trend Micro, visit

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