If I’m not back in five minutes, just wait longer.

Technology Tuesday is upon us once again, and I thought it was timely to talk about Dell’s latest (and certainly not last) acquisition, Wyse. It’s clear that Dell is getting its cloud ducks in a row, last year purchasing MSSP SecureWorks, and more recently SonicWall. So how does Wyse fit into the grand scheme of things?

Wyse is a strong player in the thin client market, having developed their own ThinOS which can be used with different platforms or virtual desktops such as Vmware, Microsoft or Citrix. Wyse also has management software that can control its own clients in addition to IOS and Android devices.

So Dell clearly wants to get into the full-blown cloud service provider market, but also enable organizations to build their own. This is a natural fit since not only is Dell well known in the hardware, but now they can offer virtual desktop as a service. They currently already offer their Desktop Virtualization Solutions (DVS) appliance which is targeted towards small and midsize deployments, and an enterprise version which integrates preconfigured servers, storage and networking to allow organizations to build their own clouds.

I’m personally curious to see what happens, if Dell will create their own version of VCE (EMC, Cisco and VMware’s partnership) through strategic acquisition, or position themselves as a cloud provider layering on security services and network optimization services. In either case, it’s clear that Dell is determined to be a force in the cloud market, and other providers are taking note.

For more information on Dell and Wyse, visit www.dell.com and www.wyse.com

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