Artificial Intelligence is no match for Natural Stupidity.

When it comes to cloud, the usual way for service providers, in Canada at least, has been to wait and see what the market is asking for and what other service providers are doing. Usually then it is followed by some kind of white label agreement. The problem is that the longer we wait, the further behind we seem to fall, especially when you have some stiff competition coming out of left field. In this case, it’s a new cloud service provider created from the merger of Cloud Sherpas and GlobalOne. Why should you care?

Well, suddenly things are getting pretty hot and heavy in the cloud consulting space.
If you aren’t familiar with either of these companies, you’re not alone. These two companies represent the Google Enterprise 2011 Partner of the Year and a platinum consulting partner.

With these two companies now a single entity, they are showing VARs, MSPs and IT Resellers that the waiting game is a bad idea. As the new Cloud Sherpas entity, the merger, backed by a $20 Million dollar investment, not only has roots in Google Apps, but they recently acquired a mobile app development team from Vodafone. It’s clear that they have big plans for the enterprise cloud solution space, with a team of consultants and an eye for building software as a service solutions.

So what does it mean for other cloud providers? Well, for one it means the consulting space for cloud has suddenly become a lot more competitive. Enterprises don’t want a pure reseller that is selling them boxed solutions. They want a service provider that can figure out what they should do to get the best results from a cloud strategy, and then implement it for them. The problem is that traditional cloud providers just don’t have this type of expertise in-house, and now will have a huge game of catch-up in front of them.

Maybe the time to sit back and wait is officially over.

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